1. Alexander Peverett’s video direction (and synthesis) for Fujiya & Miyagi’s music video “Flaws” brings plenty of analog deliciousness. Lots of feedback, distortion, and bleeding colors here…

    (Source: youtube.com)


  2. geometricloci:

    Parametric curves

    (via visualizingmath)


  3. A/V system sketch 03 - Space99 from Beth Wexler on Vimeo.

    The next advancement in setting up an A/V performance system. This is only a sketch of a more developed piece that I am working on. Again, linking Ableton to VDMX and transferring analyzed audio data as well as midi note data. The piece is performed live using midi controllers (APC40, NI Maschine, Korg PadKontrol).


  4. A/V system sketch 02 - Mellow Gold from Beth Wexler on Vimeo.

    Continued development of an audio-visual performance and instillation system interlocking Ableton Live with VDMX. Midi notes, parameter data, and audio analysis drive the visuals in this one.

    This is a recorded, real-time, experimental session.



  6. A/V system sketch - 3_19_14 from Beth Wexler on Vimeo.

    Quick A/V sketch linking Ableton to VDMX.



  8. Simple, but mesmerizing music video for Tycho’s track Montana

    (Source: youtube.com)


  9. challenger23:

    "Higher, higher!"


  10. materiajunkie:

    higher than the heights of what we often think we know.


  11. Really fun music video for Discolosures “F For you” Ft. Mary J. Blige



  12. prostheticknowledge:

    Projection Mapping on Tape Graffiti

    Project by Jacques-Andre Dupont transforms flat piece of Tape Art into something else:

    October 2013. For the opening of Generator, a new arty hostel in Berlin Mitte, we have been comissioned to create an augmented Tape art piece in the Bar area.
    Topic: Futuristic city.
    Answer: An invasive city, occupying every surface, forever growing on itself. A concrete and light saturation.



  13. Cy Kuckenbaker pushes on the boundaries of documentary filmmaking and motion graphics to reveal patterns in everyday life.


  14. Bot & Dolly's Box is probably one of the most ambitious projection mapping projects I have seen.  It goes beyond “tradition” projection mapping concepts - mapping onto static surfaces to “animate” them - and includes robotics to create multiple, moving surfaces to project onto, as well as a live performer.  What’s especially impressive is that the whole video was a live performance shot in camera.


  15. This site specific instillation by Phillip k smith iii generates a beautiful conversation about time, change, material, space, location, and light.